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Support Team
Our online Support Team
email:, tel 01943 605976

Administration Support Manager

My team and I have been supporting online learners for the last eight years. Originally this role was carried out by our Technical Team, but we found that most support requests (which come in the form of phone calls, emails and direct messages from our online Training Management System) were not technical at all. The queries we receive usually relate to things like forgotten passwords, pop-up blockers or questions about certificates and, therefore, the role of supporting online learners was transferred to a dedicated Admin Support Team. However, we do, of course, still have the full assistance of the Technical Team whenever this is needed


Administration Support

I am the first point of contact for all our support emails and system messages and often it is simply a case of emailing or calling the learner with the answer to a question or query. Sometimes I need to logon to the system to see just what the learner is seeing and I can often 'talk them through' from there. I love to hear about the sense of achievement a learner gets when they have successfully completed a course - especially if they have not been in a learning environment for some time.


Administration Support

I am also one of the second tier Admin Support Team - I love technology and like to find out how things work - when we release new functions to the system (which we do all the time) I like to work out how our learners can really benefit from the new functionality. Often Companies will buy the Training Management System so that they can not only use it for our courses, but also create their own courses (just for their company) by uploading their own questions and material (which could be in the form of PowerPoints or even Word docs). We often train people on how to use the management side of the system. Everyone brings a new dimension and we are all learning all the time.


Administration Support

I am one of the second tier Admin support Team - I support Denise when needed, but I am also responsible for collating and analysing the questionnaire responses that we recieve from thousands of our learners who let us have their comments. The opinions of our customers are very important to us as they help us to develop our products and services, so we are always very grateful for all learners feedback. I also upload groups of learners when businesses want multiple staff to go through a course / courses (and perhaps obtain reports on how their learners are progressing). Some Managers may be new to e-learning too and I help to 'hand hold' them through the process.


Administration Support

I am an Apprentice at the Virtual College and a member of the Admin Support Team. As part of my apprenticeship programme I support Sue and the rest of the team. I often support Wendy with issuing Food Hygiene certificates and with answering telephone calls from our customers. I really enjoy helping our customers, answering any questions they may have. I always ensure that if I cannot answer any customer enquires in full that they are transferred to the appropriate member of the team.


Receptionist/Administration Support

I am usually the first point of contact for all telephone calls and can often deal with enquiries myself. Sometimes people have not purchased a course yet, but just want to ask some questions before making the decision. I think a lot of people just like to know there is someone there if they need help and advice. I am also responsible for issuing Food Hygiene Certificates, which I post out within 2 days of a learner successfully completing the course. If there is a question about a Food Hygiene Certificate - then I am always happy to help.

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Food Specialists
Rosemarie Pearson


visit dialog training Since launching Dialog Training in 1989, Dr Rosemarie Pearson, the prinicpal founder of Dialog, has worked with a wide range of businesses, charities and local authorities; including Arla Foods, Redbridge Borough Council, Nestle Water, the Royal British Legion, CocaCola Enterprises Ltd, Co-op Supermarkets and Anglia Crown Catering.

Rosemarie and her team at Dialog believe in ensuring the training is fun interactive to suit all learners so they can apply it to their work and really make a difference.

Food Dialog are a registered Training Centre with the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

Dr Verner Wheelock


Dr Verner Wheelock is Chairman of Verner Wheelock Associates, one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist training for the food sector. Verner has been in the industry for over 30 years, having spent time as a microbiologist, food engineer and head of the Food Science faculty at Nottingham University.

Verner and his team believe that appropriate use of e-learning can bring benefits to us, by helping reduce our carbon foot print, through less travel, improved quality through consistency of delivery and improved customer service through providing a more flexible delivery model.

Virtual College
email:, tel 01943 605976

As pioneers in e-learning, we use new technology to make the training and learning process more accessible, cost effective and enjoyable!

Since our formation in 1995, we have seen virtual learning take on an increasing role in enhancing training provision. Virtual College were pioneers of online food hygiene training and are still a market leader providing a training experience second to none.

Virtual College have over online learners accessing our suite of online courses across many sectors. Our customers include 60,000 learners in the NHS; 40,000 in other public sector roles; Housing Organisations; Engineering and Manufacturing sectors; Banking and Hospitality to name but a few, and over 80,000 learners have obtained their Food Hygiene Certificate via Virtual College online training and test. See for a full list of our other courses.

Rod Knox


Since starting the Virtual College as pioneers in e-learning in 1995, in response to a lack of available training provision within the electronics industry of which I was a Quality Director, I'm proud to say that we now have a first class Training Management System, nearly 100 e-learning courses and over online learners. We also offer face-to-face training in my specialist subject of Lean Manufacturing / Healthcare.

Lesley Ord

Operations Director

Since those early days in 1995 with just a handful of people, I am pleased to say we have grown to employ over 60 people. We author (with the help of subject specialists), design and develop our own e-learning materials. In a bid to offer the learner a total solution, we also offer some third party learning materials. We have also developed our own Learning Management System (LMS) through which we can monitor and support learners. Many other companies have purchased a licence for the LMS so that they can have a branded version to use exclusively for their businesses. If you want to know more about that just email our CEO - he loves to talk about it....

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